Electronic voting on the internet provides important advantages that we analyze in this article.

Increasing the level of participation

The Internet voting system tends to maximize user participation, by allowing them to vote from anywhere and allowing access from different computer systems and from any device that has an internet connection.


When talking about a Secure election we mean the overlap of security layers that are implemented to ensure that the votes counted are in accordance with the will of the voters and that they have been issued by the voters allowed to participate in the election. In Civiciti’s electronic voting processes, in addition to logical and physical protection layers, mechanisms are established to ensure thatonly users accredited by an official document participate, so that all security guarantees are provided that equate the electronic voting process with a classic electoral process.


Voting on the Internet provides a safe and private channel that allows all users to participate on equal terms. Increased accessibilityfor residents abroad and for persons with difficulties in travelling or reduced mobility. This also has a positive impact on the final turnout and therefore on the legitimacy of the election.


With Civiciti’s voting technology the whole voting process is auditable end to end. The design of the system allows administrators to guarantee users that their votes are correctly issued and accounted for according to the intention to vote. In addition, a voting receiptis issued for each user.


The reduction in organizational and implementation costs significantly increases the efficiency of election management compared to traditional paper voting, for example.


The electronic vote eliminates errors in manual count, which brings with it an accurate and quick publication of results, with receipt of vote for each vote cast.


The mathematical processes incorporated in Civiciti’s technology allow the participation of independent observers who testify that election fraud and manipulation are avoided.

Civiciti’s technology encryption protocols are the basis for the security, privacy and auditability it provides. Essential concepts to ensure privacy and the protection of the integrity of votes, as well as to allow the audit of the elections to be held. An even more secure audit than in the traditional mail vote, where the voter loses control over his or her vote.

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