Organized by the Diputación de Castellón and NovaGob.Lab, the event has brought together the heads of different public administrations and innovative professionals in the field of participation.

The day was opened by Vicent Sales, vice president of the Diputación de Castellón and deputy of Participation, who presented the Participatory Governance Strategy model of the Provincial Council of Castellón, stressing that “innovation is key to streamline the administration and make it more effective and useful for the citizens”.

Pablo Sarrias, CEO of Civiciti, presented the participation platform to attendees, while highlighting some key elements of Civiciti to achieve effective participation and guarantees: “easy implementation, simplicity for the administrator and good accessibility for the citizen”.

Optimizing the resources of the Public Administration and achieving a constructive dialogue are two of the objectives of Civiciti in which Pablo Sarrias also wanted to emphasize: “It is essential to optimize the resources of the citizen and the Public Administration. We provide the best technology to the administrations so that they do not have to worry about computer systems. In addition, we guarantee that the ideal conditions are met so that a constructive, quality dialogue develops”.

This event was attended by top-level speakers in matters of participation and innovation, such as Borja Colón (head of the Administration and Public Innovation Service of the Diputación de Castellón), Alberto Ortiz de Zárate (director of, Encarna Hernández (investigator NovaGob.Lab.), Joseba Mujika, (regional director of Citizen Participation of the Diputación de Gipuzkoa) and Elvira Iglesias (general director of Civic Participation of the City of Córdoba), among others.

Civiciti has participated in the II Open Public Innovation Conference (Castellón).