The Non-Resident Nepali Assocation (NRNA) needed a solution to manage the elections for its American national committee, as well as seven state committees.

The Nepalese Non-Resident Association (NRNA) was founded with the purpose of uniting the Nepalese Diaspora under one umbrella on October 11, 2003. Today, the NRNA has become an important global non-governmental organization with a Council National Coordination (NCC) that operates in 78 countries. The Nepalese Diaspora network represented by the NRNA constitutes a robust body representing Nepalese interests outside Nepal worldwide.

Every two years, the NRNA holds elections for their American national committee and their state committees. In 2019, the NRNA chose the Civiciti Online Voting solution with the goal to increase security and make it easier for members to vote. In addition, Civiciti is able to provide election results that can be viewed from anywhere, immediately after the close of the election. 

The NRNA needed a secure solution in a short timeframe, and Civiciti configured the election in less than 72 hours using the NRNA’s design requirements. The voting took place over a weekend in May in seven US states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Texas and Wisconsin)

All participants received their voter credentials in advance, via SMS.  

In addition to configuring the election and guaranteeing  the security of the vote, Civiciti provided  additional services to increase participation. Specifically, Civiciti sent reminders to people who, within hours of the close of the election, had not yet voted.

More than 9,100 voters participated, making the final voter turnout 78%, which was a 57% increase over the last election.

The  presentation of results  was another key point in this election. The NRNA was able to share the results of the election with complete transparency as soon as the vote was closed.

– Election date: May 18 and 19, 2019. 
– Number of voters: 9,157. 
– Percentage of participation: 78.5%. 
– Configuration and testing in 72 hours. 
– Credentials sent via SMS. 
– Additional communication services. 
– Results delivered in minutes.

Civiciti provides solutions that help organizations increase participation, transparency, and effective community. Civiciti Online Voting helps you simplify your elections through our easy to use interface for both administrators and voters, paired with maximum security to ensure confidence in the election. Learn how Civiciti can help your next election CONTACT NOW.

(Photo by Maranda Vandergriff on Unsplash)