Civiciti has officially introduced itself at the Smart City Expo Word Congress in Barcelona, together with its main customers and investors. The congress has served to publicize the platform and explain what “continuous democracy” means to us.

Civiciti is the new platform for citizens’ participation that promotes continuous democracy. Information and direct communication with the citizens improves the capacity to know where an intervention of the administration is required and allows having additional data in order to make decisions based on sufficient information.

The platform allows carrying out multiple participatory processes, such as budgets, brainstorming or surveys so as to know firsthand, the most concerning issues. In this way, Civiciti encourages citizens to cooperate in decision-making on a continuous basis and play a more active role in public life, even beyond electoral processes.

Pablo Sarrias, CEO and founder of the company, highlighted that “after many years of research and knowledge of the sector, we have created Civiciti, so that everyone can access it, from small municipalities to large cities, without having to install anything, and for free.” But he also recalled that “technology is not the solution but it is the participation and involvement of all, and for this reason we have created an open platform so as to share experiences and learn from them.”

Jose Antonio Rodríguez, mayor of Jun, and Francisco Santana, of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a city already working with Civiciti, also participated in the official presentation ceremony.

Civiciti Speaker Series

Civiciti has strengthened its presence in the Smart City Expo proposing to debate on continuous democracy. Therefore it has counted on the interventions of 27 experts from the political and academic field, who provided their experience in participation in different areas: from the municipal, to the educational and health sector.

It should be pointed out the intervention of Las Palmas, that explained why they chose Civiciti. For Francisco Santana, General Manager of New Technologies and Telecommunications of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Civiciti means calmness “we have had no incidence so far” he says, and this has allowed him to focus on the political part and “on the proposals of the citizens”.

Jose Antonio Rodríguez, mayor of Jun, explains that “by promoting horizontal democracy we have managed to ensure that all citizens of Jun are at the same level, we are 3,800 people acting as mayors. We have put technology at the service of citizens in order to share the interests of the community, requests and willingness to improve our environment in the era of the “right-now-society”.”

Civiciti, won the contest of solutions at the SCEWC

For this innovative vision of participation, Civiciti has been chosen winner of the contest of solutions at the Smart City Expo World Congress and the Fair of Barcelona, Callforsolutions, in the category of Governance and Economy. This call seeks to reward inspiring, innovative and impactful solutions for Smart Cities.