Presentation of Civiciti at the Free University of Cali together with Telefónica de Colombia and the Asociación RUAV.

Jordi Ribalta, Director of Business Development at Civiciti, gave a successful Workshop on Civiciti at the Cali Free Sectional University in Colombia. During the session, the RUAV Academic Committee was present, the regional advanced academic network of the department of Valle del Cauca, in Colombia.

The RUAV Association brings together 20 institutions with academic projection from the Valle del Cauca region, with the aim of promoting collaboration, research and scientific production, through technology.

Gabriel Alberto Ortiz Rincón, Academic Coordinator of the RUAV, said: “We have always looked for collaborative work and the strengthening of ICT management. The contribution of this presentation allows us to know and approach technologies that are at the forefront to contribute to the 20 institutions linked to our Association”.

Ribalta spoke of the evolution of Civiciti: “Initially Civiciti focused on the public administration market. However, we have been evolving and have been knowing our service, we have functionality in private companies, government entities, schools and universities… Which means that finally the platform is able to adapt to any group”.

Finally, during the day also addressed the issues of E-learning and Big Data.