Asociación Red Universitaria de Alta Velocidad del Valle del Cauca en Colombia

Valle Universitaria de Alta Velocidad del Valle del Cauca (RUAV) Association in Colombia.

Preferential surveys

1 Challenge

The RUAV Association brings together several institutions with academic projection from the Valle del Cauca region, with the aim of promoting collaboration, research and scientific production, everything through technology. They needed an online platform to carry out the preferential surveys in the launching of their project.

2 Solution

The Civiciti platform collaborated in the design of its strategic plan and in the implementation of the preferential surveys. These surveys were distributed among the different institutions that integrate RUAV and helped to define the key milestones in the process of the definitive launch of the Association.

At the end of 2017, we did two tests, one on the Vision and Mission of RUAV, and another one for our corporate values. To develop it, we count on the support of the company and we direct it without hesitation to our Projects Committee.

Juan Manuel Triana. Executive Director of the Association RUAV.

3 Results

Resultados RUAV
Resultados RUAV