Ajuntament de Figueres

City Council of Figueres

2017 participatory budgeting process

1 Challenge

Figueres Town Council had set itself the objective of implementing the first participatory budgeting process in its history, thereby giving voice to the population on matters that affect it on a daily basis. The municipality wanted to achieve maximum participation and therefore opted to use a secure technology whereby residents could participate without having to leave home.

2 Solution

Figueres Town Council, via the Civiciti platform, provided an
open and secure communication channel that facilitated citizen participation. To organise the process, the city was divided into eight zones and a tool was created so that residents could vote on projects both in their own and in other zones.

Thereby, using the Civiciti platform residents were able to chose amongst proposals that arose from the neighbourhood itself, without ignoring the rest. Beyond specific projects for a particular street, etc., the residents decidedly favoured projects that improved the city as a whole and benefited all of its residents.

The process involved six stages:


1 Process introduction, information and dissemination

2 Proposal technical validation

3 Uploading of proposals

4 Proposal consultation

5 Voting

6 Publication of results

The council is set to implement the selected projects starting in 2018.

3 Results

resultados ayuntamiento de figueres

Civiciti has been a very useful tool for our participatory budgeting process, both in terms of its
ease of use and its security. And its potential for future citizen participation is endless.

Francesc Cruanyes i Zafra. First Deputy Mayor Figueres Town Council. Councillor for citizen participation.