Ajuntament de Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar City Council

Participatory Budgeting 2017

1 Challenge

Lloret de Mar City Council requested a process of democratic deliberation in which its inhabitants could decide how to distribute part of the municipal budget. This challenge was carried out through a participatory budgeting process. The inhabitants of Lloret de Mar could identify, debate and vote on the different proposals and decide how to allocate this part of the public budget.

2 Solution

Lloret de Mar City Council used Civiciti to develop its Participatory Budgeting process. Community members over 16 years old directly decided how to spend € 500,000. Civiciti provided a way for the local administration to improve its commitment, transparency, credibility, trust and participation.

This participation project was the perfect picture of an open government, joining citizens and stakeholders into decition-making, improving their transparency and operability. Through Civiciti and the support given by experts, participation was increased 62% compared to the previous year. The use of mobile devices to participate was the main subject, as it was employed for 67% of the total votes.

3 Results

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3 Resultados

2017 2016
Incremento de votantes respecto al año anterior (con medios analógicos) 62,5% 38,4%
Votos verificados registrados votos registrados 1047 votos registrados 644

porcentaje de participación 67% de la participación se realizó a través de dispositivos móviles

Propuestas aprobadas técnica y económicamente City Council of Lloret de Mar Participatory Budgets 2017 1 Plataforma Civiciti Elegidas por los ciudadanos para su ejecución