Sant Vicenç dels Horts

City Council of Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Local participatory budgeting

1 Challenge

Sant Vicenç del Horts Town Council set itself the objective of promoting a participation processes that would facilitate inclusion, not just for the majority of the population, but in particular aimed at groups with a lower predisposition or resources for participating. The main objective was to involve the population in the process of shaping decisions that affected them, and enable them to contribute via a clear, effective and transparent system. La Vinyala – Poble Nou neighbourhood was selected for the process. The sum of €200,000 was allocated, so that the neighbours’ proposals, accordingly prioritised and voted on, would be implemented and, in short, have a direct and positive impact on the life of the neighbourhood’s residents.

2 Solution

The Civiciti citizen participation platform provided solutions which, in addition to their technical aspects also provided support during the design, proposal gathering and final voting stages. The technology provided by Civiciti helped citizens to interact either independently or guided by the platform, and to add their proposals to the debate, submit alternative ideas for existing proposals or directly vote for those they considered to be most relevant, and with the greatest impact on local quality of life. Based on how well received the innovative participation system was, the Council is set to implement further participation exercises in other city neighbourhoods.

City Council of Sant Vicenç dels Horts Local participatory budgeting 1 Plataforma Civiciti

3 Results

Civiciti offers us a flexible environment in which we can develop different participation processes, bringing us closer to the citizenry and multiplying their options for participating in collective decision-making.

Arnau Mata de Casademunt, Government spokesman and Councillor for Citizen Participation and Coexistence, Systems and Technology and Press and Communication at the Sant Vicenç dels Horts Town Council.


Total participation
2.151 residents of the neighborhood

Participación online

Civiciti Increased proposals and participation in the Participatory Budgeting made 100% online


Winner Proposals:
Creation of a civic center in the neighborhood
Occupational group for young unemployed people

Plataforma online

The online platform included social groups that would otherwise be excluded.