Ajuntament de Lleida

Lleida Council

2017 participatory budgeting process

1 Challenge

Lleida Council wanted to organise an online participatory budgeting process for the first time. It needed to ensure that the process provided sufficient guarantees and accuracy both in terms of voting and data protection.

2 Solution

Civiciti designed a custom platform for La Paeria whereby citizens could
decide which projects should receive €1M of municipal funding.

Citizens, associations and institutions in Lleida could propose projects they considered necessary for their neighbourhoods. Subsequently, voting was held both electronically and physically at civic centres in the different districts.

The council was positive in its assessment of the system, as despite it being the first time it had conduced an online budgeting process everything worked perfectly and was backed by maximum citizen involvement.

Based on our experience with Civiciti I would highlight its process guarantees, security and excellent service. These were the foundations that provided peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Antoni Saldaña. Information Technology Coordinator at the Lleida Council.

Turnout figures placed Lleida above other cities such as Madrid, Valen- cia, Zaragoza or Palma de Mallorca.

3 Resultados

Ayuntamiento de Lleida presupuestos participativos 2017
Ayuntamiento de Lleida presupuestos participativos 2017 2