Gobierno abierto de Paraguay

Paraguay Government

2018 – 2020 Action Plan of Open Government

1 Challenge

Paraguay is part of the Alliance for Open Government (OGP). They needed a platform where citizens could suggest proposals and choose the most interesting ones for the 2018-2020 Action Plan.

2 Solution

Civiciti allowed to present the 17 thematic working groups in which they divided their Action Plan. Citizens could suggest proposals and vote for their best option. Subsequently, the Government of Paraguay was able to explain the progress of the commitments assumed and, meanwhile, the citizenship could make a follow up.

The commitments presented promoted transparency and efficiency in the Public Administration, access to information and improvement of public services through the use of ICTs, as well as the creation of spaces for citizen participation.

3 Results

resultados gobierno de paraguay

We work with Civiciti to offer to the citizens, civil society organizations and public institutions a platform where they can suggest their proposals for commitments in 17 thematic tables of our co-creation of the Fourth Action Plan 2018-2020 of Open Government. The platform was adapted to what we needed easily. As consequence, it facilitated the collection of more than 183 proposals that were discussed in face-to-face workshops and on social networks. I would highlight the rapidity in the implementation and security of the tool and the excellent attention to all our queries and questions.

Álvaro González Fretes. Professional for Support to the General Directorate of Open Government, Technical Secretariat of Economic and Social Development Planning.