Department of Commercial Transformation

1 Challenge

The Department of Commercial Transformation of Telefónica needed to establish a process of continuous improvement for its training sessions carried out with its commercial human force. They wanted to apply a very agile feedback mechanism to allow incorporating the relevant suggestions in the next training session that students or teachers propose.

2 Solution

Civiciti was the responsible of the configuration of advanced surveys that included a QR code that was displayed in the training rooms. Participants were invited to complete these surveys. The information extracted from the surveys was used to improve the next training sessions. The rapidity of obtaining the results allowed them to accomplish the changes considered necessary. They could be applied in the sessions of the same day in the afternoon or the following day.

Civiciti allows us to generate surveys and share them with our target audience immediately in a totally secure environment. This flexibility allows us to continuously and immediately improve the contents and dynamics of the training sessions for the sales network from one day to the next.

Mercedes Ortega. Business Development of the Digital Business area for General State Administration and Defense in Telefonica.

3 Results


Until now, different surveys have been deployed in more than 40 training processes throughout Spain. Thanks to the good result obtained, Civiciti is still being used.

4 Points to remark

  • Immediate interaction.
  • Surveys totally customizable with the look and feel of the engaged company.
  • Personalized attention and constant improvement.
  • Results in real time.
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