Experts in participation

We are specialists in online solutions for the promotion of electronic voting, participation and transparency.


Our participation and electronic voting solutions combine technology and usability. In addition, they adapt to what you need.


We have the safety and reliability standards of Scytl’s patented technology. We guarantee the privacy of users.


We provide a user experience that simple that you can use the platform without the need  for implementation.



Civiciti allows to develop, through a single solution, different participation processes that take place over time.



Through a simple manager you can launch surveys at the moment, creating questions by numerical range, emojis,…



We put at your disposal a consulting service to help you in the design of your project and in the dynamization of processes.



You can summon votes with the maximum guarantees, encrypting the voting system and anonymizing the votes.



We provide a very simple mechanism to configure and execute the votes provided in the agenda of an assembly.



Our team accompanies you throughout the process so you can get the most out of the platform.


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Thoughts about us

Inicio 1 Plataforma Civiciti

Arnau Mata de Casademunt

Government Spokesman and Councilor for Citizen Participation and Coexistence, Systems and Technology and Press and Communication of the City Council of Sant Vicenç dels Horts.

Civiciti offers us a flexible environment to develop all kinds of participation processes, bringing them closer to citizens and multiplying the possibilities of intervening in collective decision-making.

Cámara de comercio de Barranquilla

Heidi Tejera del Valle

Head of Connections and Innovation. Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Thanks to the solution that Civiciti offered us, we were able to carry out for the first time in Barranquilla an online process of citizen innovation, with results that exceeded our expectations. The facility to vote, comment and share the proposals of the participants through the platform was fundamental to encourage participation, respond satisfactorily to the participants and achieve the final results.

Inicio 2 Plataforma Civiciti

Pablo Hartill

Project Coordinator Desafios D. de Perú.

It has been not only not only a tool that allowed citizens to have a voice and vote in the solutions that they seek to implement in the country, but also served to generate debate and knowledge. In this way, it was possible to involve the citizens in the planning process and in the subsequent stage they will be involved in the generation of solution prototypes.

Inicio 3 Plataforma Civiciti

Antoni Saldaña

Responsible Coordinator of Computing and Technologies of the Lleida City Council.

From our experience with Civiciti I would highlight the guarantees of the process, the security and the great service you have given us. These are the fundamental pillars that have given us peace of mind during the development of the entire process.

Inicio 4 Plataforma Civiciti

Mercedes Ortega

Business Development of the Digital Business Area for the General State Administration and Defense in Telefónica.

Civiciti allows us to generate surveys and share them with the target audience immediately in a totally secure environment. This flexibility allows us to continuously and immediately improve the contents and dynamics of the disability sessions for the sales network day per day.

Inicio 5 Plataforma Civiciti

Josep Lluis Llirinós

Councilor of Participation of the City Council of Lloret de Mar.

The increase in participation shows the quality of the proposals made and, as a project, the Participated Budgets are consolidated, allowing the involvement of neighbors in their environment, while reflecting on what can be useful to the public space.

Inicio 6 Plataforma Civiciti

Francesc Cruanyes i Zafra

First Deputy Mayor of the Town Hall of Figueres. Councilor of Citizen Participation.

Civiciti has been a very useful tool for participatory budgeting, both in ease of use and in security. And the potential for all participatory processes of citizenship is endless.

Inicio 7 Plataforma Civiciti

Álvaro González Fretes

Professional of Support to the General Direction of Open Government, Technical Secretary of Planning of the Economic and Social Development of the Government of Paraguay.

We work with Civiciti to offer to citizens, civil society organizations and public institutions a platform where they can raise their proposals of commitments in 17 thematic tables of our co-creation for the Fourth Action Plan 2018 – 2020 of Open Government. The platform was adapted to what we needed easily, that is, it facilitated the collection of more than 183 proposals that were discussed in face-to-face workshops and on social networks. I would highlight the rapidity in the implementation and security of the tool and the excellent attention to all our queries and questions.

Inicio 8 Plataforma Civiciti

Ángel Sáinz Yangüela

Councilor for Citizen Participation of the City Council of Logroño.

We can say that the participation of this year has increased of 34.63% compared to the previous process. We got a record in participation and all thanks to this new interactive channel that includes a complete system for collecting proposals where citizens have been able to send their requests, including images and videos, and support them through the “I Like” buttons.
The platform has been a new way of interacting with neighbors, more current, technological and complete, but always with the same objective: that the citizens themselves propose us different possibilities to be developed and so, together, look for the best for Logroño and our neighborhoods.


Sr. Amauri Marquezi de Luca

President of CIJUN: Companhia de Informática de Jundiaí.

We chose Civiciti after much research, we looked for a complete platform of continuous democracy that offered us not only interaction with citizens and teams, but also research, participatory processes, as well as secure voting. Civiciti surprised our expectations and our experience of working together has been very positive.


Blanca Drake

Head of Operations, Strategy & Events in the Global Entrepreneurship area of ​​Telefónica. Wayra.

Civiciti and its tools allow us to be close to our entrepreneurs and partners to know their opinion about our positioning within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 828439.