The education is one of the main working areas for Civiciti together with private companies and public administration.

Garbí Pere Vergés School is structured as an ideal city where everyone exercises their rights and duties. The city acts as a motor and generator of a coexistence based on respect, freedom and responsibility.

With this philosophy and know-how Civiciti allow Garbí Pere Vergés School to develop several participatory processes. Decision-making based on the opinions of teaching staff and the students will be further encouraged. In the future open up the participation to families could be considered. Civiciti will be implemented both in the Garbí Pere Vergés School in Badalona and in the Esplugues School.

Jordi Collado, director of the Garbí Pere Vergés School in Badalona; “Our educational purpose is to train our students to act as conscious citizens of the world in which they live, to value beauty and act with respect for society and the environment and to be happy and competent citizens.

The Garbí Schools are part of the Fundació Escoles Garbí. they were founded by the pedagogue Pere Vergés and are heirs of the Antigua Escola del Mar and the Escola Nova movement.