The city council has confirmed that 1,333 people have participated. During the month of May the winning projects have been made public.

The process began in January and a total of 150 proposals were submitted, of which 80 were admitted because they met the established criteria and 70 were rejected; of the latter, seven proposals will be carried out this year 2018 because they had already been planned by the City of Granollers.

Finally, a total of 64 proposals passed to the voting phase since some merged with similar characteristics.

Online voting was held from May 2 to 15. In addition, around a hundred people were able to vote in the civic centers, the OAC and the information stops located in the Thursday market.

On the other hand, the Consell de Ciutat prioritized 17 projects that proposed improvements for gender equality, sustainability, intergenerational and intercultural coexistence. Each vote obtained for these projects was multiplied by 1.5.