The BCCI elections were conducted by electronic voting for the first time in the history of the institution. Participation has reached 84%.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin has used Civiciti’s electronic voting tool to organize its consular elections. The polling period was 24 hours, from December 17th 00:00 to December 17th 23:59. The final turnout was 84.25%.

Alain Hinkati, Interim Administrator of the BCCI by decision of the Council of Ministers on January 23, 2019, told Actu Bénin that these elections have been a real success: “From 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. we were already at 50% of the participation rate. Around 6 p.m. we were up to 83%”.

This highlighted the success of the online election: Voting is done electronically. As a result, many economic operators have voted from home. The system is very flexible, and the voter can cast the vote from wherever. The process has generated a lot of enthusiasm and acceptance.

Reasons to choose Civiciti

Alain Hinkati explained in statements to Radio Bénin the reasons for the election of the electronic vote: “Electoral processes in the chamber often end in electoral disputes. We decided to professionalize these elections in order to avoid such disputes”.

Cost optimization and reliability

The Interim Administrator of the BCCI highlighted the cost reduction that has been achieved: “Electronic voting optimizes costs. Previously we had costs of up to 600 million CFA francs to organize consular elections. Today, the election takes place with less than 100 million CFA francs. The cost has been reduced by one sixth and the election performance was world-class”.

On the reliability of the Civiciti solution, he assured that “it is a platform certified by several international organizations, as well as by the country’s security agencies that have confirmed that it is totally reliable and reliable”.

If you need to organize an election do not hesitate to contact us. We adapt to whatever you need. We will help you to launch an election with all the guarantees of security. For more information contact us HERE.

(Photo from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin)