Many customers express their concern because they believe that making a vote online is complicated or tedious. In this article we show you that it is simpler than it seems.

Example of a voting process in one of our customers

Let’s take as a reference one of the recent elections we have deployed for our client Open Government Partnership, main global reference in open government. It brings together Governments and civil society leaders to develop action plans to help countries to be more inclusive, responsive and accountable. Founded in 2011, 79 countries and 20 local governments are now members of the Alliance.

Type of vote, context

OGP member governments vote annually to elect government representatives to their Steering Committee with the aim of develop, promote and safeguard the values, principles and interests of the Alliance.

Development and times

Civiciti set up the custom platform for this client in less than 72 hours. In only three days, the entire configuration of the electoral environment was executed, including the credential delivery system, content in three languages (Spanish, English and French), instructional videos, and an additional 48 hours was provided to allow OGP to sort variations on the base configuration.

The election was conducted for three weeks through a voting system in which participants ranked candidates in order of preference, from 1 to 5 (1 maximum preference and 5 minimum preference).


– The participation of the elections to the steering committee of the OGP was raised to a splendid 73%.

– All members were able to vote easily from any device with an internet connection.

– Civiciti also guaranteed safety by using the most advanced technology. In addition, for increasing transparency and verifiability, a vote receipt was automatically sent to all voters so that they could monitor their vote.

REAL graphic material of this Process:

In the following link you can access the platform as we configure for this choice: platform.

And here’s a video we prepared on how to vote on this platform: video.

We helped you

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