Ryanair’s cabin crew (TCP) ratified by this election USO and SITCPLA unions to negotiate the 1st Collective Agreement.

The vote was held on the bases that the Irish airline has in Spain. The Voters could vote online using their own devices or in electronic polling stations in all the bases.

Those interested in voting had to register in the system in advance in order grant permissions to use personal data in the process. This data was compared with the list of workers provided by the airline to the Unions in order to guarantee that only Ryanair workers could participate in the election. Therefore, the security and verification of personal data was key in this choice. Civiciti’s technology made it possible to support this need without any problems.

In other hand the configuration of the process also allowed any other  union to submit an alternative candidacy, but no case was raised.

The turnout was close to 60% of the 909 crew members. Noteworthy is the high level of participation of the TCP community despite the difficulties associated with their permanent mobility.

Ryanair’s TPCs gave their approval to both unions so that all cabin crew members would fall under a single collective agreement of their own. After the legitimation obtained they constituted the negotiation table with the company to reach the First Collective Agreement of TPCs.

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OBJECTIVE: USO and SITCPLA hired Civiciti to organize the election of the trade union negotiating sections of a Ryanair cabin crew agreement in Spain.
– Election date: 1 July 2019.
– Number of voters: 909.
– Percentage of participation: 59%. 531 participants
– Sending credentials via SMS.

PLATFORM: https://www.civiciti.com/ww/portaldevotosindicatos
Presentation of results: https://www.civiciti.com/spp/es/ww/portaldevotosindicatos/govlab/results/2c9180936b517324016b9cb6a3231a

(Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash)