The winning proposal has been the installation of video surveillance cameras in several urbanizations, connected to the Local Police server.

For the second consecutive year, the process has been carried out using the Civiciti online platform and the participation has doubled compared to the results of last year, reaching a figure close to 2,000 votes.

Jaume Dulsat, mayor of the village has commented; “I value the results positively since the participation has gone from 3,27% in the previous edition to 6,04%, fact that confirms us that the change of model of the participated budgets of this year has been positive”.

In the words of the Councilor for Participation, Josep Lluis Llirinós; “This increase in participation shows the quality of proposals made and that, as a project, the Participated Budgets are consolidated, allow the involvement of neighbors in their environment, while reflecting on what can be useful to the public space ”

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