The council in this locality has opted for innovation and continuous democracy in partnership withdsc_23221 Civiciti. Between now and the middle of June a participatory budgeting process will be run in La Vinyala-Poble Nou neighbourhood.

Jordi Ribalta, director of Business Development at Civiciti asserted: “The culture of participation requires a stable, neutral and secure environment in which to develop professionally. Which is exactly what Civiciti technology provides”.

Maite Aymerich, the mayoress of Sant Vicenç dels Horts, confirmed that: “We want our municipality to be an example of collective construction. An open and transparent municipality, which enters into dialogue with all of its residents”.

How to vote
Citizens in Sant Vicenç dels Horts can vote for the different social proposals either in person (3 June, 18:00 at Plaza Carme Llinàs; 8 June, 19:00 at Escuela de la Vinyala; 14 June, 19:00 at Pista de la Foneria) or online, via our platform: