During the month of September, citizens will choose the name of the new library of the town.

The Town Council of Bisbal d’Empordà will begin the next days a new participatory process to decide the name of the new library. Throughout the month of September (from 1 to 30), the Bisbalenses will be able to make their proposals that will have to start from the premise that the name has to be of a relevant woman, related to the world of culture, literature and / or education.

Once received all the proposals, a commission will value them and will choose those that will happen to be motive of voting. It will be on Tuesday, October 9, when a public event will be called to present the candidacies. Then, from October 22 to November 4 will begin voting online.

The entire participatory process is open to all citizens and, as on other occasions, will be carried out through the Civiciti platform.