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Do you want to configure the choice yourself?

We put our platform at your disposal:

1. Configure your platform with your look and feel and load your electoral roll.

2. Create a safe online choice in 30 minutes.

Once the voting is over, obtain the results report.

Como trabajamos
Procesos participativos

Do we configure the choice for you?

You only have to:

1. Tell us the election’s date.

2. Define the participants and provide us the questions and answers.

That’s it. We will take care of the rest.

Do you want to see how simple it is to vote?

Civiciti puts at your disposal the most advanced technology in security and privacy in the exercise of the vote. Also, with Civiciti, voting is VERY easy.

Users can vote from any site with any device, without downloading any program, needing only internet connection.

Benefits of Electronic Voting with Civiciti

Increase in participation

Our voting system tends to maximize user participation by allowing them to vote from anywhere. It allows access from different computer systems and from any device that has an internet connection.

voto seguro

100% Security

We establish mechanisms to ensure that only users accredited by an official document participate. We provide all security guarantees that equate the electronic voting process with a classic electoral process.

incremento accesibilidad

We establish a secure and private channel where all users participate in equal conditions. Greater accessibility for residents abroad and for people with mobility difficulties or reduced mobility.

votos auditables

With our technology the entire voting process is auditable from start to finish. The design of the system allows administrators to guarantee users that their votes are cast correctly and counted according to the intention to vote.

votación eficiente

The reduction of the costs of organization and execution considerably increases the effectiveness of election management compared to the traditional paper vote. In addition, manual counting errors are eliminated and we issue vote receipts.

votación fiable

The encryption protocols of our technology are the basis of the security, privacy and auditability it provides. We guarantee the privacy and protection of the integrity of the votes as well as the audit of the elections.

Customers who trust Civiciti


Civiciti technology is present in 85% of electronic voting worldwide


Electronic voting 1 Plataforma Civiciti

«Civiciti exceeded our expectations as they handled the election process in a very professional manner without any complication despite the short time available to build and run the platform before the start of the electoral process. The instructions provided to our voters were very useful in explaining very clearly the voting process. The team provided us an excellent service with clear messages throughout the process, as well as being very flexible with the difference between our time zones. We hope to collaborate with Civiciti in a future occasion.»

Jaime M. Mercado.
Senior Governance Officer. OGP.

Electronic voting 2 Plataforma Civiciti

“Thanks to the solution that Civiciti offered us, we were able to carry out for the first time in Barranquilla an online process of citizen innovation, with results that exceeded our expectations. The facility to vote, comment and share the proposals of the participants through the platform was fundamental to encourage participation, respond satisfactorily to the participants and achieve the final results”..

Heidi Tejera del Valle.
Jefe de Conexiones e Innovación. Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla.

Electronic voting 3 Plataforma Civiciti

“Civiciti and its tools allow us to be close to our entrepreneurs and partners to know their opinion about our positioning within the entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

Blanca Drake.
Head of Operations, Strategy & Events del área de Global Entrepreneurship de Telefónica. Wayra.

Electronic voting 4 Plataforma Civiciti

“We chose Civiciti after much research, we looked for a complete platform of continuous democracy that offered us not only interaction with citizens and teams, but also research, participatory processes, as well as secure voting. Civiciti surprised our expectations and our experience of working together has been very positive”.

Sr. Amauri Marquezi de Luca.
Presidente de CIJUN: Companhia de Informática de Jundiaí. Brasil.

Electronic voting 5 Plataforma Civiciti

“It has been not only not only a tool that allowed citizens to have a voice and vote in the solutions that they seek to implement in the country, but also served to generate debate and knowledge. In this way, it was possible to involve the citizens in the planning process and in the subsequent stage they will be involved in the generation of solution prototypes”.

Pablo Hartill.
Coordinador del proyecto Desafios D. de Perú



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