Yesterday the 2017 Participatory Budgeting process at Lloret de Mar drew to a close, a process that img_fsalles_20170602-002649_imagenes_lv_propias_fsalles_lloret-kIHG-U423131308026MzF-992x558@LaVanguardia-Web.jpgwas conducted using our platform to decide how to allocate part of a municipal budget. A total of 1,047 votes were cast, 62.5% more than the previous year, a more than than satisfactory figure with which to close the voting period.

This was the first year that voting under the Participatory Budgeting process was conducted 100% digitally (in 2016 voting was conducted in person at the local council).

At Civiciti, Jordi Ribalta, responsible for Business Development, wished to underline that “the success of the participation process in Lloret is a clear example of the enormous benefits of continuous democracy at the municipal level, enabling the active listening of citizens to be optimised, and favouring institutional proximity and transparency”.

The figures
– Participation grew by 403 votes compared to the previous year. This constitutes an increase in participation of 62.4% compared to the votes cast in 2016.
– The most widely used channel was mobile device; 67% of participation was via a mobile device.