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This Website is owned by Scytl Election Technologies S.L. (hereinafter, “Civiciti”), with registered office at Enric Granados 84, 08008 Barcelona. Scytl Election Technologies S.L. is registered in the Barcelona Business Registry, volume 47354, folio 202, sheet number 549450, entry number 1, with tax ID number B01620392. Users can contact Civiciti by the following email address:


The purpose of this Website is to provide general information to the public regarding Civiciti, its products and its services.

The purpose of the usage conditions contained in this Legal Notice is to govern the permitted use of this Website, the URL for which is, and the services and/or content contained thereat (hereinafter, the “Legal Notice” and the “Website”, respectively), in accordance with current legislation.


These Terms of Use (“Terms”, “Declaration” or “Conditions”) are based on Civiciti’s Principles and contain the service conditions that govern our relationship with users and anyone that interacts with Civiciti, and also Civiciti’s products, trademarks and services, including “Civiciti”, which go by the name of Civiciti’s Services or the “Services”.

By using Civiciti’s Services or by accessing them in any manner or version, you implicitly agree to these Terms, which are updated periodically as stipulated below. Should any supplementary conditions exist in relation to other services, products or applications that you have accepted, in the event of discrepancies between the said supplementary conditions and these Terms, the supplementary conditions associated with the application, product or service shall prevail.

The processing of data by Civiciti is regulated as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

User account and registration

Civiciti’s users do not register anonymously, that is, they provide their actual names and data, and we need your collaboration to ensure that this remains the case. Civiciti will use its users’ data to notify them of changes to the Terms of Use. For further information regarding user data please consult the Civiciti Privacy Policy.

The following are some of the commitments that you accept in relation to the registration and security maintenance of your account:

      • The personal information that you provide on Civiciti’s platform or its associated applications must be reliable and true.
      • You will not create an account for another people without express authorisation.
      • You will not create more than one personal account.
      • If your account is deactivated, you will not create a new account without our permission.
      • You will not undermine the security of your account, such as sharing your password or failing to ensure its safekeeping.
      • If you select a username or identifier for your account similar to that of another person, we reserve the right to delete or request you change it if we consider it necessary.

Site security

We do all we can to ensure that Civiciti is secure, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the case without your collaboration, which means you must commit to the following:

      • You will not collect information or content from other users nor will you access Civiciti automatically (using harvesting bots, spiders or scrapers) without express prior authorisation from Civiciti.
      • You will not access an account belonging to another user nor request their session login information.
      • You will not publish unauthorised commercial communications (such as Spam) on Civiciti.
      • You will not publish content that contains language that incites hatred or that is intimidatory, pornographic, incites violence or containing nude images or graphic violence.
      • You will not use Civiciti for illicit, misleading, malicious or discriminatory acts.
      • You will not intimidate, harass or cause a nuisance to any other user.
      • You will not perform any activity that could affect the correct operation of Civiciti or its presentation, such as a denial of service (DOS) attack or the alteration of the presentation of pages or other functions at Civiciti.
      • You will not encourage these terms to be breached nor our Privacy policy.

For security reasons, Civiciti provides support for and guarantees its tools will only operate correctly for the most recent versions of the main internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari).

Protecting the rights of others

We respect the rights of others and hope you do also.

We may remove any content or information that you publish on Civiciti if we believe it breaches our Terms or policies.

You will not publish nor undertake any activities on Civiciti that infringe or violate the rights of third parties or that break the law in any way.

To obtain information on how to protect your intellectual property rights, visit the page How to report breaches of intellectual property rights.

Your account may be deactivated at any time if we discoverer you have breached the intellectual property rights of others.

You will not use our copyright, commercial brands nor any brand that is similar to ours unless you receive prior written consent from Civiciti.

If you obtain information from users, you must obtain their prior consent, making it clear that it is you (and not Civiciti) who is gathering the information and publish a privacy policy that explains what data you are collecting and how you will use it.

You will not publish other people’s identity documents nor any other sensitive, financial or confidential information on the Civiciti platform.

Special provisions applicable to application and website developers or operators.

If you are a developer or operator for a platform application or website or if you use social plug-ins, you must comply with the Rules for Developers.

Mobile devices

If you use your mobile device to access Civiciti’s Services, bear in mind that your operator’s normal rates will apply, for example, for text messages and data.

All rules and conditions contained in these terms of use apply similarly to mobile devices.

If you have provided your mobile phone number together with your user data, this must be kept up to date at all times, as a verification mechanism. Should you change your mobile phone, you will update your account information on Civiciti within three days to guarantee that messages are not sent to someone else in error.

Special terms applicable to pages

If you create or administer a page on Civiciti or create any content there, you accept our Rules for Pages.

Special terms applicable to software

If you download or use our software, as an independent software product, an application or a browser plug-in, you accept that, periodically, improvements, updates and additional functionality may be downloaded to improve, optimise and develop the software.

You will not modify our source code nor use it to produce derivative works, such as decompiling or otherwise attempting to extract the said source code, except in the cases expressly permitted by an open software licence or if we grant you our express consent in writing.

Changes and modifications

You will be given the opportunity to review any modifications we make to these Terms of Use before you continue to use our platform and its associated services.

On the “Civiciti Site Governance” page we will publish or announce any changes we make to these Terms of Use.

By continuing to use Civiciti’s Services after receiving notification regarding any modifications or changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this will be taken to mean that you accept the said changes and modifications.


If you infringe the essence or spirit of these Terms, expose Civiciti to any risks or potential legal liability, we may deny you access to Civiciti’s platform either in full or in part. We will notify you via email or the next time you try and access your account. You may also delete your account or deactivate your application at any time.


Only the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain) have jurisdiction to settle any disputes or conflicts and you accept that the said courts and tribunes have the power to settle any such litigation. These Terms are governed by Spanish law, as is any lawsuit that may arise between you and us, independent of the provisions on conflicting laws.

Any information or content shared by a single or various users on the platform is the sole responsibility of the said users. This includes content that may be considered to be inappropriate, obscene, illegal or offensive.

The conduct of any user of Civiciti’s platform or applications, both on the platform and its associated applications and off the platform on other media, is the sole responsibility of the said user and not Civiciti.

If anyone were to file a lawsuit against us related to your actions, your content or your information on Civiciti, you will compensate us and release us from any liability for any potential damage, loss or expense of any nature, including reasonable legal costs and fees, that are related to the said suit.

Your use of the platform and its associated applications is on your own responsibility. We do not guarantee that the platform will operate uninterrupted or be free of errors of any type, nor be free of speed defects, nor do we guarantee the quality of its information, or that it will always be secure.

Civiciti’s platform and its applications are provided as is, and it provides no warranty of any kind, either explicit or implicit, including guarantees regarding its marketability, suitability for a particular purpose and non-compliance.

We are not liable for third-party data, content nor actions on the platform. You hereby release us, our directors and employees, from any claim or damage arising from any lawsuit that you have brought against third parties or in any way related to them.

We will not be held liable for any loss of profits or any other damages derived from these Terms of Use, even in cases where notice exists that they may arise.

In any event, our joint and several liability derived from the Terms of this declaration may not exceed the sum of one hundred Euros (€100) under any circumstances.

Special terms applicable to users who do not reside in Spain

We strive to create a global community with coherent rules for all but also respect local legislation. The following provisions are applicable to users and persons who are not Civiciti users located outside of Spain:

You give your consent for your personal data to be transferred to and processed in Spain.

As a European company, Civiciti is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation, the most stringent in the world as regards the processing of personal data, and which guarantees the integrity, confidentiality and appropriate use of your information.


Other provisions

These Terms replace any other prior agreement between the parties and constitute the full agreement between both parties.

It is not possible to transfer your rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party without our express consent.

If any of these Terms of Use cannot be met, for whatever reason, the remainder that can be met shall remain in full force.

We reserve the exclusive right to make amendments or exception to these Terms. Nobody else can do so.

We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

All users employing the services provided by Civiciti’s platform or applications must comply with applicable laws and principles, be they local, national or international.

By using or accessing them Civiciti’s Services, you allow us to gather and use your content and information in accordance with the Data Policy, which is updated periodically.


The content, in part or in full, of this Website, Civiciti’s product and Website, and their visual presentation, which includes amongst others the logos, infographics, data, text, software, source code, databases, images, sound and videos integrated into this Website, are all elements that belong to Civiciti or for which Civiciti holds a licence issued by third parties. Each and every one of these elements is protected by intellectual property and/or copyright laws and by applicable International Agreements.

The use and/or exploitation of the Website and/or its contents in any manner is prohibited, without prior consent from Civiciti and/or their legitimate copyright and/or intellectual property owners, including:

      1. a)   Any form of public communication, by any means, including the right to make the material available to the public including in ways that members of the public may access the material from a place and at a time individually chosen by them.
      2. b)   Any form of distribution, including, amongst others, by sale, rental or loan.
      3. c)   Any form of reproduction, direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, by any means, both partial and total, including, amongst others, reproduction for private use and downloading to Users’ devices.
      4. d)   Any form of transformation, be it total or partial. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Users can browse the Website and its content without limitation.

Likewise, Users accept that the commercial brands, trade names, logos and other distinctive marks contained in the Website are components owned by Civiciti or third parties, which are protected by national laws and international treaties on international property. The unauthorised use or misuse of the said components may constitute a breach of the intellectual property rights held by Civiciti or such third parties.


This Website provides Users with the technical means to connect to (e.g. links, banners, buttons…) directories and search tools that enable Users to access websites owned by or managed by third parties (linked sites).

Search tool results are provided directly by third parties using automatic mechanisms, such that Civiciti cannot control and does not control the said results. Users can initiate the procedure provided under condition 10 of this Legal Notice to request the removal of a link, should they consider that the linked site is host to illegal activity and/or contains illegal information.

Should third parties wish to establish links to this Website, they can do so provided that, and to the extent possible, the links are made to the Website home page; to the contrary, the links can be established only if the Civiciti URL is visible.


Civiciti may modify, without prior notice, this Legal Notice and/or any other contractual text on this Website. Said modifications shall come into force seventy-two (72) hours following publication herein.

Civiciti may also terminate or suspend the services contained in the Website and the Website service itself at any time, without prejudice to any provision to the contrary that may be established in any other text of a contractual nature on this Website. Wherever possible, Civiciti will provide notice/warning regarding the said termination or suspension in advance on this Website.

If the modifications imply changes to how your data is processed, you will be notified in advance in order to gain your express authorisation.


Civiciti does not guarantee that the connection and/or access to the Website and/or its contents will be free of interruptions and/or errors, be they owned by Civiciti or third parties, nor regarding the updating of the Website and/or the said contents.

Civiciti will strive to provide, as soon as possible, the updates and error corrections, including those that happen during access and/or connection to the Website and/or its contents.

Users are responsible for using and accessing the Website without prejudice to any legal action that Civiciti and/or any third parties may bring in the event of illegal access or improper use of the Website and its contents, specifically in the event of the attack, suppression, deletion or destruction of the technical measures that, where applicable, protect Civiciti’s or third party content.

Civiciti is not responsible for the presence of viruses nor security errors, nor any damages that may arise to Users devices or the files and documents stored on the said devices through access and/or connection to the Website, nor for damages caused to third parties due to illegal intrusions that fall beyond Civiciti’s control.

Civiciti is not responsible for any errors, omissions or the accuracy of the information contained on this Website, which is provided “as is”. Civiciti will also not be liable for a failure on the part of Users to comply with the obligations they accepted on accessing this Website and contained in this Legal Notice and, in particular, will not be liable for any breach of intellectual property rights, copyright, publicity rights and image rights, property rights or any other rights in relation to third-party assets and rights.