Civiciti will facilitate the management of citizen proposals and their final selection for inclusion in public budgets. The platform will also enhance participation through the use of technologies aimed at promoting the involvement of all citizens.

Civiciti will implement in its platform the different phases established for the management of the participatory budget. Said phases contemplate from the information of the process, the capture of proposals, the debate, the prioritization of the contributions, until the presentation and the return to the citizenship of the results of the most voted ideas.

The platform will also have a scorecard for the Observatory of Citizen Participation that will provide indicators on the evolution of this and the degree of compliance with the planned objectives. This analysis will be segmented by sex, age, geographic location and / or date.

Space for associations
The Civiciti platform also has a space for the different associations of the town to disseminate their activity, publish their own information, seek support and also carry out internal participatory processes.


Phase I: Dissemination and reception of proposals. Completion date: June 2018.

Phase II. Study and classification of proposals. Completion date: July 2018.

Phase III. Constitution of neighborhood tables. Completion date: July 2018.

Phase IV. Priorization discussions. Completion date: July 2018.

Phase V. Referral proposals to District Boards. Completion date: September 2018.

Phase VI. Referral of proposals to the Social Council. Completion date: September 2018.

Phase VII. I send proposals to the Plenary. Completion date: November 2018.

Phase VIII. Evaluation. Completion date: October 2018.

Phase IX. Process report. Completion date: January 2019.