We are already in India!

Civiciti has recently launched two experiences in India, one in the state of Jharkhand and another one in the city of Faridabad.delhi_faridabad_skyway

Both pilot programs are going to enable a direct communication channel between citizens and representatives using Civiciti and allow them to use its multiple functionalities.

Jharkhand is an Indian eastern state that comprises more than 26 million inhabitants. The city of Faridabad, located in the northern part of the country, belongs to the state of Haryana and its population is about 1,5 million people.

Jordi Ribalta, OpenSeneca’s Business Manager; “It is said that India is the most populated democracy in the world and for us it is an honor to be able to launch our pilots like those in Jharkhand and Faridabad, promoting democracy around the globe.

India has experienced a spectacular increase in their government-citizen electronic transactions, going from 840 million in 2013 to 2580 million in 2015. In addition to its size, recent government initiatives and high mobile and internet subscriptions made the country a very appealing market for Civiciti.

(Picture: From Wikimedia Commons. A view of Delhi Faridabad Skyway. Author RISHABHNAGPAL20).