The Malaga towns of Nerja and Alhaurín de la Torre and the Cádiz municipality of Puerto Serrano have recently entrusted the execution of their citizen participation processes to the Civiciti platform.

Alhaurín de la Torre (Malaga). Participatory process.

From this month until May 1 will be active the phase of collection of proposals where any citizen can make their contributions easily through Civiciti. The city council will dedicate the months of May and June to the technical evaluation of the received proposals. Subsequently, during the months of July and August, citizens will be able to digitally vote on the finalist proposals through the Civiciti safe voting tool. The publication of the final results of the participatory process is scheduled for the second half of September.

Nerja (Malaga). Participatory budget.

It is the first participatory budget that they carry out in this locality. A large number of proposals have been collected in the first phase (131), 58% of which were processed digitally. The proposals have been grouped into 6 categories in order to facilitate their reading to citizens. The categories defined are the following:

– Environment and social welfare.

– Culture and youth

– Infrastructures

– Sports and leisure

– Tourism and commerce

Once the different proposals have been publicly presented, the voting phase that will take place during the month of May will take place. 500,000 euros will be allocated to carry out the actions chosen by the residents of the municipality.

Puerto Serrano (Cádiz). Advanced survey.

The City Council of Puerto Serrano has opted for a participatory process in which, in a first phase, the alternatives proposed by the city council in relation to citizen security measures will be consulted with the neighbors. The survey of the neighbors will be available until the end of April and all censuses over 16 years old will be able to participate.