It is about the “Participatory Budgeting of neighborhood 2018-2019”.

The City Council of Molins de Rei has relied on Civiciti to develop its participatory budgets. The amount allocated by the city council for the inhabitants to decide amounts to 500,000 euros. The actions to which it will be allocated will take place in the field of public roads; lighting, playgrounds, accessibility, green areas and remodeling of public space.

Comenzamos proyecto en Molins de Rei 2

We started project in Molins de Rei

Since April 16 and until Thursday, May 3, the proposal phase is open, where neighbors can present their ideas for actions in urban planning and public roads. From June 25 to July 3 the votes will be held to decide which are carried out.

Voting will be done with the Civiciti platform, which has already been released with the selection of the Trajectòria Premi of Radi Molins de Rei. The system will incorporate the proposals of the neighbors directly. Each neighbor who makes a proposal will have a profile in Civiciti so that their contributions will be accompanied by their name. In the voting phase, the system will be linked to the municipal register and will allow voting only to the neighbors of each neighborhood.

Between July 11 and 18, the winning proposals will be announced and will be executed between September 1, 2018 and September 1, 2019.